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Nathan Blecharczyk – Startup life and Bits & Pretzels

Nathan Blecharczyk about Startup Life Bits & Pretzels

"People are gonna say you're crazy!" Previous speaker Nathan Blecharczyk, co-founder of Airbnb, about startup life and Bits & Pretzels!You like crazy people? Then you have to join this year's festival: https://www.bitsandpretzels.com/

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Bits & Pretzels – Meet our speakers!

Meet the speakers #bits18

#MeetTheSpeakers!With our goal to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem, to deliver highly relevant business content and to inspire our attendees, we are ready to announce the first speakers for #bits18!Want to be part of it? You know what to do: > http://bit.ly/BP_Apply

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Bits & Pretzels  – Bits Boost #1

Bits Boost #1

Bits & Pretzels Founders Motivation – Check out our new format "BITS BOOST" and learn from the best international founders, entrepreneurs, and investors 🚀Be part of this year's festival: > www.bitsandpretzels.com/Rob Moffat – Partner Balderton CapitalMatthias Schranner – CEO Negotiation Institute – Schranner AGErik Podzuweit – Founder and CEO Scalable CapitalKara Swisher – Co-Founder RecodeQuentin Sannié – Co-Founder and CEO DevialetLoic Le Meur – Founder and CEO Leade.rsMike Butcher – Editor At Large TechCrunchAndy Cunningham – Former PR advisor to Steve Jobs at Apple, Pixar and NExTCarice van Houten – Artist, famous for Game of Thrones

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Cargo Crew – Imagefilm

Bits & Pretzels – Meet our new Table Captains!

Meet our new Table Captains

#tablecaptainnews ⚓This is the biggest Table Captain announcement for 2018 so far!We are upping our game and are proud to present more than 30 new Captains: founders, CEOs, investors, managing partners – everyone from the startup ecosystem will be at #bits18!Find all the Captains here: > http://bit.ly/BP_Captains

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